Planet Corrugated

Planet Corrugated is a client-centric, product focused manufacturer of Singleface solutions within the protective packaging sector.


  • Singleface rolls
  • Singleface pads/sheets


  • Focus on recyclability “green” paper
  • Explore alternative new business channels and sectors instead of foam/plastic

Branding and Customization:

  • Brand Printed Single-Face
  • Pre-print as our paper 
  • Brand logo-printed tape

Machinery / Warehousing

Packaging items we supply to the industry include products such as:

  • Singleface rolls and sheets,
  • Pizza pads both printed and plain,
  • Pizza liners, pizza and cake circles,
  • Corrugated confectionary trays and pads.

Singleface Rolls / Sheets

Governments around the world are increasingly seeking alternatives to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce water usage and minimize oil consumption.

Corrugated Pizza Pads

We have experience with various pad designs, and have stock cutting dies for many sizes and lengths.

We have the capability to provide you with Kraft or White liners in various flutes.

Superior Corrugate Roll Machines

Planet Corrugated is a manufacturer of corrugated rolls and singleface sheets to the North American Market. Our capabilities expand far beyond that of sheets and rolls. Please Contact us for additional information for your requirements.

Planet Corrugated

Please Contact us for additional information for your requirements.